Rockaways Property Management & Improvements

Rockaways Business LLC Property Management In Queens NY
Rockaways Business LLC Property Management In Queens NY

Rockaways Business LLC Property Management & Improvements we offer real estate investors and landlords the opportunity to maximize profits and while keeping happy tenants.

Our goal is to keep property management and improvements rather simple, straightforward forward, and transparent as possible.

Rockaways Business LLC, Implements top of the line technology to ensure maximum productivity in New York certainly fast-paced real estate environment.

Rockaways Business LLC Property Management & Improvements utilizes an in house IT department to develop proprietary apps and tools to give the agents all the resources they need to consequently perform smooth property management activities for your landlord business.

With us, you do not only sign a contract, but we also build relationships with a unique team of excellent real estate professionals who understand property management and improvements in NY.

We also take pride in knowing all aspects of the landlord’s needs.

Our people are not only the heart of our business but also the lungs, brains and every other vital piece to making our success theirs and ultimately yours too.

How Do We Make the landlord’s Life Easier?

-Rent Collection:

Tenant is given the option to pay rent online, by mail via money order, or debited from a bank account at the rent due date. We want to give even more options for our tenants.

-Tenants Complaints:

As a result of our systems, we take away the”middle of the night calls” from our landlords.


We have the processes in place to First, Receives, Second processes and finally, resolve maintenance issues in our managed buildings.

-Preventative Maintenance:

The key to minimizing major expenses is to implement good practices of preventative maintenance. Due to our processes in place, we minimize costly expenditures over time.


Evictions can be painful and stressful. Certainly, nobody wants to evict or be evicted. Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable, and we deal with it for you.


Is your advertising in accordance with “Fair Housing Law”?. It must be, is the law, therefore we make sure to effectively advertise units to fill out vacancies.

We have a great success rate in turnovers in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

-Prospective Tenants Screening:

Maybe you are struggling to find good tenants?. Finding good tenants is all about having clear and strict minimum requirements for tenants. It is not about just good credit score.

We can certainly help to spot amazing tenants.

So, if you are interested in getting more information about our services to use our Contact Form to find out more.